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Report;KISEKI Online Program (1)

Hello! This is 2nd grader, Watanabe.

It has been getting cold... How are you doing?

Some of you may be interested and have a question "What is KISEKI actually?".

We, Femme Café has joined an interactive event of "KISEKI", Japanese restaurant in Rwanda, from July.

This small report is about that event.

We hope, you enjoy reading till the end^^

What is "KISEKI"?

KISEKI is a Japanese restaurant in Kigali, Rwanda. Usually, it provides accommodation and short-term childcare services. (temporarily closed at present) 25 Rwandan single mothers work as staffs leaded by Mio Yamada manager. The concept is "For local mothers' lives with smile"

(picture 1) KISEKI's staff

Under the COVID-19, they manage the online program to interact with Japanese people from children to adults. Actually, our senior did an internship at KISEKI and this opportunity brought us to join the program^^

If you want to know more about KISEKI, please check the HP

( https://www.kisekirwandatravel.com/ )!

The contents of this program

The lists below are showing the activities we are working on from July.

・Femme Café vs. KISEKI quiz competition! 
・Kinyarwanda lesson
・Talk by Ms. Mio Yamada
・More more dance performed by moms
・Talk about our life

I want to introduce all activities but for now I'll tell you just a little bit about it.

  (picture 2) A shot in the Zoom session. Moms got tired after they showed us their dance.

More more dance!!? Cute name...

"more more" means something like "don't cry" or "I'm with you" in Kinyarwanda.

We thought it was quiet kind of dance but...

They started dancing along the fast music with bright smiling face!

Also, they sang powerfully and the people around them joined the performance with hand claps.

(picture 3) More more dance

Each choreography has meanings such as "the horn of cow". The movements using their whole body were so beautiful! We want to dance like them!

(One of the staff smiled and said that the smile is important in their dance because no one dances with sad face. We were just having conversations with moms online but we could feel their energy!)

The quiz competition!

This is an event we held during the summer vacation. Team Femme Café made questions about Japan and team KISEKI made questions about Rwanda and staffs working in KISEKI.

(picture 4) We didn't take much pictures during the quiz, but it was fun!

We had fun talking about the popular ingredients of miso soup and the hair styles of staffs during the thinking time. In addition, we learned that the tallest mountain in Rwanda, mount Karisimbi (picture 5) is taller than mount Fuji. (4507m)

(picture 5) From Wikipedia (By No machine-readable author provided)

It's getting longer, so I'll stop writing here and continue writing the rest next time.

Murakoze! (Thank you for reading till the end.)


Hello, I'm Harumi Watanabe, the representative of Femme Café. This was my first time writing this blog.

Thank you for getting interested in our activities, buying coffee from us, and reading our blog.

Because of the COVID-19, this school year was quite unusual. We're sorry that we can't offer coffee in the usual way.

However, there is no time for us to depressed about this situation!

Now, we're preparing for the online school festival "Gaigosai festival". (If you have time, please come and join us in "online Gaigosai festival".)

We hope you keep watching our activities with warm hearts.






こんにちは~ 今日は先日行われたファムの勉強会についてご紹介します! 今回のテーマは「現ルワンダ大統領ポール・カガメ氏を考えよう」でした✏️ ルワンダ大統領のポール・カガメ氏をご存知ですか?カガメ氏は強力なリーダーシップによりルワンダを「アフリカの奇跡」と呼ばれるまでに発展させた反面、厳しい報道・言論統制や大統領選での不正の疑いを指摘されている人物でもあります。 私たちは上記のカガメ氏についての評


【ルワンダ紹介】 こんにちは🎎今回は、ルワンダの環境保全政策の1つを紹介します! ルワンダでは、2008年以降ビニール袋の輸入・製造・使用・販売が禁止されています(一部例外あり)。近年は、ストローなど使い捨てプラスチック製品を規制対象とする動きがあります。 現地では「ビニール袋の使用はドラッグと同じぐらいに悪いことだ」とも言われているそうです。実際に違反すると、罰金または禁錮刑という罰則も⚠️