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Donation for AMDA!!

============ We are students of Tokyo University of Foreign Language Studies (TUFS) who study about Africa, and run an organization called Femme Café. We are calling out to people on behalf of a Japanese NGO, AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) in order to contribute to their relief activities in the disaster-struck Tohoku (North-east) region. Currently, the people in the disaster-struck areas are in acute shortage of doctors and medical supplies. Some people have lost their lives at the shelters due to lack of sufficient medical care. AMDA started operations in disaster areas on March 12, two days after the earthquake, and it has deployed 6 medical teams to Miyagi, Iwate Prefectures. They are now setting up a activity base in two communities (Kamaishi and Otsukicho) in Miyagi Prefecture. We are asking your cooperation with AMDA not only because they have 25 year-experiences around the world as a emergency relief NGO, but because the activities of the Japanese NGOs are not known abroad, compared to the ones of the International NGOs. Thus, it is always a challenge for them to gather enough fund for their activities. All kinds of activities are crucial, but since the impact of this complex disaster may last longer than we wish, we believe it important to support the efforts of the local NGOs. We are still in the phase of relief, thus, we made a contact with AMDA, and they welcomed our initiatives, and we are launching this message. Our organization, Femme Café, was established in 2010, in order to promote active contact and to create strong tie between the peoples of Africa and Japan through roasting and selling African women coffee. One of our missions is bringing people together. It is our great pleasure if we could promote communication between those who would like to participate in supporting the survivors of this disaster and who are on the ground. The following is the information about AMDA and how you could support. Thank you very much for reading this message. [about AMDA] It was founded in 1984 in Japan by medical doctors. It has carried out the relief activities in the following locations: in Sumatra, Haiti and Chile.

[about Donations from Overseas] Account Name: AMDA(Association Medical Doctors of Asia) , Address: 3-31-1 Ifukucho, Kitaku, Okayama City, Okayama 700-0013, Japan , Name of Bank :The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. Name of Branch: Okayama Ekimae Branch SWIFT: BOTKJPJT Account #: 0040514 (for transfer in U.S. Dollars only) **Any commission charges that may occur should be covered by the donor. **If you need a receipt please contact **For other forms of donation please refer to AMDA homepage (in Japanese) [about Femme Café] homepage: blog: twitter: email: **We are introducing the activities of AMDA in the disaster areas. Please send your message to AMDA to us. We shall send them to AMDA, and AMDA will post your messages on their homepage later on. [about TUFS Africa Seminar] Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Dr. Sayaka Funada Classen 3-11-1 Fuchu City, Tokyo 183-8534, Japan **Thank you very much for your warm understanding with the students initiatives, We appreciate your consideration towards the people of Tohoku. (Sayaka Funada-Classen)

舩田クラーセンさやか (准教授)
東京外国語大学大学院 総合国際学研究院 
〒183-8534 府中市朝日町3-11-1
Associate Professor
Graduate School of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Office Tel/Fax:+81-42-330-5260



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