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About Our Activities: Spring Quarter 2020

Due to COVID-19, the activities of Femme Café has been restricted since this quarter started. However, it does not mean that we could do nothing! We tried hard searching for some new ways to continue our activities.

Today I would like to introduce about our activities in Spring Quarter.

① Online meetings

We used to meet in a lecture room, exchange information and ideas, and enjoy chatting before COVID-19 pandemic. Although we cannot meet face by face this year, we have been keeping in touch via Zoom instead.

② Welcoming events for new students

We also held welcoming events for freshmen by Zoom this May. Many students joined our activities, and we really enjoy their company.

This year, we held some of the events with other student groups: some studies African countries, others promotes volunteer activities. This kind of joint events were good opportunity not only for new students but also for Femme Café members to know about and learn from other circle.

We are now planning for another event for freshmen in Autumn Quarter. We cannot wait to say hi to them!

③ Sale of drip bags

In Femme Café, we usually sort the coffee beans, pack them, and sell them at the university's festival and local events all by ourselves. Sadly, all of these events were canceled this year due to COVID-19. Moreover, extracurricular activities in our university, including the activities of student group like us, had been restricted since the State of Emergency was announced in Japan. After we stopped selling coffee beans, some people who tasted our coffee before contacted us. We were very happy to know that many of our customers were waiting for our coffee. Therefore, we thought and thought the way we could continue providing Rwandan coffee to many people. After a long discussion, we decided to outsource some of the processes and to process the coffee beans into simple drip type coffee extraction pack.

Below is our new drip pack......:)

I tried it on the other day. I could taste the good acidity of Rwandan coffee through our drip bag. I really enjoyed it. I recommend our drip bags to people from coffee beginners to coffee lovers. You can buy our drip bag from our web store. You should try it!

Anyway, the flavor of Rwandan coffee reminds me of the time when I sifted coffee beans with other members. It may be strange that I miss the time just because I have not met them offline for those 6 months. I cannot believe that I lived this half of year while staying at home.

By the way, offline club activities have gradually resumed in TUFS since this September. We are thinking to resume offline activities while paying close attention on infection prevention measures.

Thank you for your support to femme café. I hope you will continue to support us in the future.





こんにちは~ 今日は先日行われたファムの勉強会についてご紹介します! 今回のテーマは「現ルワンダ大統領ポール・カガメ氏を考えよう」でした✏️ ルワンダ大統領のポール・カガメ氏をご存知ですか?カガメ氏は強力なリーダーシップによりルワンダを「アフリカの奇跡」と呼ばれるまでに発展させた反面、厳しい報道・言論統制や大統領選での不正の疑いを指摘されている人物でもあります。 私たちは上記のカガメ氏についての評


【ルワンダ紹介】 こんにちは🎎今回は、ルワンダの環境保全政策の1つを紹介します! ルワンダでは、2008年以降ビニール袋の輸入・製造・使用・販売が禁止されています(一部例外あり)。近年は、ストローなど使い捨てプラスチック製品を規制対象とする動きがあります。 現地では「ビニール袋の使用はドラッグと同じぐらいに悪いことだ」とも言われているそうです。実際に違反すると、罰金または禁錮刑という罰則も⚠️