• Femme Café

2020/4/1 We renovated our website!


It was the unusual change of the academic year, as a lot of schools were closed, and events were cancelled or postponed in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, to which Femme Café belongs, is not an exception, and has taken measures such as cancelling the entrance ceremony, conducting online classes until May 8, and suspending all extracurricular activities until April 12.

In addition, due to the suspension of extracurricular activities, we have also stopped sending products ordered online. We are still accepting your orders, but please note that it will take until May 15 to ship the items and that the shipping schedule may change depending on the situation.

We are pleased to announce the refurbishment of our website. Our motto is "become a bridge between Japan and Rwanda", and we will continue to provide information about Rwanda and Africa, where our coffee is produced. We will also post information about our daily activities on this website. We would like you to continue to watch over our activities.

We hope that this situation will come to an end as soon as possible and that everyone can get back to their normal lives.





こんにちは~ 今日は先日行われたファムの勉強会についてご紹介します! 今回のテーマは「現ルワンダ大統領ポール・カガメ氏を考えよう」でした✏️ ルワンダ大統領のポール・カガメ氏をご存知ですか?カガメ氏は強力なリーダーシップによりルワンダを「アフリカの奇跡」と呼ばれるまでに発展させた反面、厳しい報道・言論統制や大統領選での不正の疑いを指摘されている人物でもあります。 私たちは上記のカガメ氏についての評


【ルワンダ紹介】 こんにちは🎎今回は、ルワンダの環境保全政策の1つを紹介します! ルワンダでは、2008年以降ビニール袋の輸入・製造・使用・販売が禁止されています(一部例外あり)。近年は、ストローなど使い捨てプラスチック製品を規制対象とする動きがあります。 現地では「ビニール袋の使用はドラッグと同じぐらいに悪いことだ」とも言われているそうです。実際に違反すると、罰金または禁錮刑という罰則も⚠️